10th IALE world congress

Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for landscape ecology

We would like to invite you to attend the 10th IALE World Congress which takes place July 1-5, 2019 in Milano, Italy, organized by the local chapter SIEP-IALE. The IALE World Congress is an international congress addressing  landscape ecology. IALE2019  will feature the theme of Nature and Society facing the Anthropocene.

The congress is an international meeting point for everyone working with landscape ecology or who has an interest in the field. IALE 2019 will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the latest in landscape ecology, to discuss with people from all over the world, to share your own work and to learn from others. We expect participants from a wide range of countries, and so invite you to add your ideas and energy to the mix. From the congress we aim to build a relevant network among environmental NGO’s, civil society associations, universities, local authorities as well as institutions from any level.

Warm regards,


Emilio Padoa-Schioppa (chair of the congress);

Christine Fürst (president IALE);

Gioia Gibelli (president SIEP-IALE)
















10th IALE world congress Location

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Dear all, symposium submission is closing in few days! We kindly ask to all those people still waiting to submit it before 15 September. In case you cannot respect the deadline, please contact iale2019.info@unimib.it or emilio.padoaschioppa@unimib.it,..

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SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION REMIND! IALE 2019 We remind you that the deadline of the IALE2019 Symposia submission is on 15 September, so few days remaining. We warmly encouraged to submit your proposals! For details please visit http://www.iale2019.unimib.it/call-for-symposia/

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Submit proposals - IALE2019

Because of the many proposals submitted and the summer period, the deadline of the IALE2019 Symposia submission is postponed to 15 September! We warmly encouraged to submit new proposals! For details visit: http://www.iale2019.unimib.it/call-for-symposia/

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